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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Button flowers - summer brooch

These are my Mount Everest!
My night demon.

I started with a small mountain..............
Machine embroidered the centre, hand sewed the ribbons and buttons as well
as the brooch pin on the back.

.........and then I went for it!
Full on - all the way round the felt flower and then the fabric flower.

What are you talking about Ali?


I can hold a needle!
Well sort of, not very elegantly, I would not make it into the Royal School of Embroidery....

BUT I can hand sew again.
I can not feel the needle from below the knuckle, but with the aid of my other fingers I have worked it out.
For those of you new to our blog, I had a accident and crushed my finger here.

I was so pleased with myself, talk about a Cheshire Cat!
Look proper hand sewing, small running stitches. 
The little ribbon label reads "Sew a little happiness" here  - Rock on tommy - that's me!!

No stopping me now - I went for blanket stitch................

Ribbon embroidery is my next mountain.

 I think this would be a very special point in time to thank Tony and Bev. 
They both have been so patient and kind to me.
Please forgive my "Finger tantrums" my paddies have been spectacular at times.
Frustration is evil, sewing has been part of my life since I was 4.
The thought of being unable to sew....................

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  1. Ali - these are beautiful little brooches. I've just read your "accident" post - oh my, you're one brave lady and to produce such gorgeous little hand sewn items ... words can't express my admiration for you.
    Thanks for sharing your "mountain moment"!
    Helen x


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