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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Button flowers - ribbons and buttons

How could I have a flower week without using ribbons as well.  No way jose!

As Mollie would say "Oh cute Ali!

Three pieces of Swiss dot grosgrain ribbon here cut into lengths of 12cms.
Fold the ribbon in half to mark the centre.
Fold the cut edges to the centre and glue or sew to secure.
Repeat the folding/gluing stage above on the other two pieces of ribbon.

Join all three bits of ribbon in the centre with a blob of glue, to form the cartwheel shape.

With matching thread to the ribbon, sew stitches into a white button here, secure the thread
with a knot at the back.
Stick the button onto the ribbons.

 These are a smaller vision of my big ribbon brooch - instructions here

Any idea what I made these for - or should that be who I made them for?


Miss Mollie.

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