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Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday FREEBIE - which one?

blog friday freebie

Phew another busy week, think I will be happy just sitting in the lorry on Tuesday doing nothing!
It’s time to visit our Scottish customers next week you see.

Mega thanks for all your comments on here and our other blog last week, it is really great to read what everyone has to say.
The winner of last weeks Friday FREEBIE is……
Carol left this comment on our other blog here
Loving the Butterfly collection Ali, they are brilliant, love Carole Lockhart Stuart.

Congratulations Carol, butterflies will be on there way to you soon,
all we need is an email to Bev with your address details.
You have until Thursday 6th March to claim your ribbons Carol.

Have you seen all the NEW goodies put on the website this week?

First to hatch were these……
Spring Owl ribbons

Ooooh so cute, you guys have fallen in love with our Spring Owls.
They have been flying out of the door!

Next we were invaded…..
pirate ribbons
Aye Aye Captain…………Never say Never
Have you met our gang of Pirates and Captain “Big Nose”?

and then the very next day these little guys landed…...

alien ribbon

Taken over by Aliens – the friendly kind!
Not finished yet, because today there was uproar in the warehouse…………the noise!

car and truck ribbons
Cars, racing cars and trucks all jostling to find parking spaces! 
Must have been male drivers, they all wanted to reverse into the spaces.  It was chaos.

I hope you like all the new ranges, we worked really hard to design fun and inspirational ribbons
for you all to use.  

Which range would you like to be popping through your letter  box? 

Add your name to the list and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Very quiet in the office today, I have been told to rest my voice.
Maybe I will try and break the record for how many emails can be sent in one day!!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Oops wasn't me

We had an accident while loading the lorry in Metz – It wasn’t me!

We have 3 of these blue units, they contain our button displays.

What I mean to say is they contain our “LOOSE” buttons.

watermark loose buttons

Tony and I take our time when loading the lorry.
Everything goes in, one by one.  It is all secured so will not shift while in transit.
We have a long way to go, and after Metz a ferry crossing.

You could say we are rather slow.
So some kind French soul decided to help by pushing one of the button units to the lorry.
They are very heavy, and need to be pushed in a certain way…………

Oh dear, have you  guessed what happened?
novelty buttons

Tony found a lady in floods of tears on her hands and knees with….
….thousands of buttons scattered across the floor.

While she was pushing the button unit, it had toppled over and she had lost control, and
it had fallen. It was smashed and totally broken.

Tony and I recovered the unit, lifted it back on to bogie and limped back to the lorry with it.
I was cool as cucumber – honest. 

    We have tried sorting the buttons, but to be honest there are just too many.  So………..

We have added Novelty Basics 2 Go buttons to the website.  Find them here .
They are assorted and we can not tell what you may find in your selection,
it will be a nice surprise!

Ooooh and what about another one of these.
basics to go buttons
Go on grab a bargain………

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello wednesday - look what has hatched

say helo to wednesday 405

Look I have been playing………

hello wednesday

Could be a cushion but no it is a...........

door stop

............a door stop, I used our Basics 2 Go heart buttons here
……I sneaked a new range of ribbons onto the website without telling you yesterday.

spring owl header

Our Christmas owls have been nesting in the rafters of our warehouse all winter,
Yesterday these Spring Owls hatched! Find the little cuties here
The Christmas owls were so popular that we were asked to design a spring version.
But we had a bit of a dilemma – I designed this ribbon……..

owls brown long

but the next morning I came into the warehouse with this…….

owls coloured long
Oooooh err which design to print.
Our little team were undecided and a complete draw for both.
So I asked the design team girls, hoping to get a definite decision as to which to print.

UNCONCLUSIVE was the out come – so we printed both colours!

I would love to know which is your favourite – do tell by leaving us a comment.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday FREEBIE - a choice of 3

WOW! what a busy week……

On Monday I was almost 1000km away from home and since arriving back,
I have just launched 3 BRAND spanking New Collections to the website.

More about them in a moment
First off the winner of last weeks Friday FREEBIE of the Liberty Kits is…..
ribbon embroidery kits with Liberty fabric

……..number 37
Congratulations number 37 - KT Fit Kitty,  please email Bev with your address detailsand she will post you the Liberty Kits.
You have until Thursday 27th Feb to claim your ribbons number 37.

Do you want to see what I have been up to over the last few months…………

This collection was inspired by two of our Design team – Elaine and Cebelica,
both asking for butterflies and something vintage
vintage butterflies ribbon
You can find this collection here

We sold out of some of the Liberty scissor Keepers while in France (we thought we would!).
But for once we were prepared and had 3 new colour ways in reserve.
ribbon embroidery kits with Liberty fabric
These 3 new colours PLUS (my girls are wonderful) the first collection of 4 are


and can be found here

and finally I have added this NEW Collection to the website this morning……

tractor and digger ribbon
a collection for the boys! You can find them here

I can hear you cheering from Dorset.
Which would be your prize of choice for this weeks Friday FREEBIE…..
1. Vintage Butterflies
2. All 3 new colours of Liberty Scissor Keeper Kits
3. Tractor Digger Collection.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts and add your name to the list for a chance to win.
Have a fab weekend, looks like the sun may come out tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hello wednseday - scrap happy

say helo to wednesday 405

Hello everyone, I am back!
Ooh it is so good to be home, it has been long time since Tony and I did two exhibitions
back to back in France.  Metz is along way from Dorset, right up on the German border.

I had a scrap request while in Paris.
Florence the girl that helps us, had brought in several photos and wondered if I could do a scrap
page for her. I have made several for her in the past, she tells me she likes my clean”English” style!

hello wednesday scrap

Sorry the photo is a bit pants, taken on the floor of the exhibition stand.

Remember I only had ribbons and buttons to play with.  Florence had brought in a
couple of sheets of paper, she then scrounged some double sided tape and some glue from
fellow exhibitors.


First to be laid on the paper was the jingle bells ribbon, I thought it went well with the theme
of the photos.


Few more bits of ribbon this time Swiss dots. 

A few large buttons with 6mm grosgrain threaded through.

ribbon loops

Finally a few ribbon loops, I had to use up the off cuts of ribbon. 
Can not waste ribbon!

Florence was a very happy bunny when I presented this too her on Sunday morning.

I am off now to have a play with my camera, I have a few new………
…….ribbons to share with you.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday FREEBIE - set of 4

friday freebie header 500
Morning everyone time for another Friday FREEBIE and I saved you a special prize  for today,
more about that later. 

First off….
It’s Valentines Day, happy Valentines day everyone.

A big thank you to everyone that joined in with our Friday FREEBIE last week.
The lilac assortment of buttons and ribbons will be going to ……………..

(sorry still  unable to use random org due to internet connection, so Tony to the rescue again) 

Tony said number 48

48  is………. sorry I have no idea, I am unable to log onto the blog and have a look!

Congratulations number 48,  please email Bev with your address details
and she will post you the lilac collection of goodies.
You have until Thursday 20th Feb to claim your ribbons number 48.

Who needs random org when you can not see the list of names. Better then being blind folded!
I said I had a special prize for todays FREEBIE.

ribbon embroidery kits with Liberty fabric
I saved you all four of these kits before I left for France.  We have sold out of a couple of the colours,
so this is truly a special collection

For a chance to win these 4 delightful kits just add your name below.
Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hello wednesday - roses and iris

say helo to wednesday 405

Another piece of Silk ribbon embroidery today, it is the pair to the one I showed you
for our first Challenge day of the New Year, last Thursday.

This one is Roses and Iris, I must admit that I have fallen in love again with
ribbon embroidery. Maybe it is something to do with working with silk.

Sorry about the extra watermarks, but they are new kits.
We did extremley well with them last week in Paris and hope the ladies of Metz
will like them tomorrow. 
Off to set the stand up, hope it will not take too long, Tony said he would take me to lunch.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday FREEBIE - all in Lilac

friday freebie header 500
How you all doing today?

Tony and I are in Paris and it is freezing, not only that but I have laryngitis again!
My French is very limited and the ladies struggle to understand me anyway………
…….but with a croaky voice, it was somewhat interesting yesterday.

A super huge thank you to everyone that joined in with our Friday FREEBIE last week.
The bag of assorted animal buttons is going to ……………..

(sorry unable to use random org this week, internet connection limited,
so I asked Tony to think of a number)

Tony said number 51
51 is……….Angela Styles

Congratulations Angela, please email Bev with your address details
and she will post you lots and lots of animals!.
You have until Thursday 13th Feb to claim your ribbons Angela

This weeks Friday FREEBIE is all in Lilac.

How about these new buttons 
Basics 2 Go Buttons - Lilac
and some matching lilac ribbons.

Just add your name to the linky thing below.
Well must go, Tony is telling me it is time to start croaking at the customers.
Have a great weekend, if I get a chance I will take some show piccys for you.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

First challenge of the year

First ribbon Challenge of the year starts today....yeah!

We thought we would give the blog a little make over.........

..........nothing major.
But now you can see all our talented design team.  It is great to put faces to names and creations.
You can see the team in the left had side bar.....that's me at the top!

All the team have joined in with todays Challenge, so it will be a long post, but bursting with Inspirational ideas for using ribbon.  The Challenge blog is here

This is what I created...

.......I found this fabric in France at Christmas and I just HAD to have it!
All embroidered with silk ribbon
Enjoy today.