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Friday 28 February 2014

Friday FREEBIE - which one?

blog friday freebie

Phew another busy week, think I will be happy just sitting in the lorry on Tuesday doing nothing!
It’s time to visit our Scottish customers next week you see.

Mega thanks for all your comments on here and our other blog last week, it is really great to read what everyone has to say.
The winner of last weeks Friday FREEBIE is……
Carol left this comment on our other blog here
Loving the Butterfly collection Ali, they are brilliant, love Carole Lockhart Stuart.

Congratulations Carol, butterflies will be on there way to you soon,
all we need is an email to Bev with your address details.
You have until Thursday 6th March to claim your ribbons Carol.

Have you seen all the NEW goodies put on the website this week?

First to hatch were these……
Spring Owl ribbons

Ooooh so cute, you guys have fallen in love with our Spring Owls.
They have been flying out of the door!

Next we were invaded…..
pirate ribbons
Aye Aye Captain…………Never say Never
Have you met our gang of Pirates and Captain “Big Nose”?

and then the very next day these little guys landed…...

alien ribbon

Taken over by Aliens – the friendly kind!
Not finished yet, because today there was uproar in the warehouse…………the noise!

car and truck ribbons
Cars, racing cars and trucks all jostling to find parking spaces! 
Must have been male drivers, they all wanted to reverse into the spaces.  It was chaos.

I hope you like all the new ranges, we worked really hard to design fun and inspirational ribbons
for you all to use.  

Which range would you like to be popping through your letter  box? 

Add your name to the list and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Very quiet in the office today, I have been told to rest my voice.
Maybe I will try and break the record for how many emails can be sent in one day!!

Have a great weekend.


  1. So difficult to choose between the pirates and the aliens! but seeing as how we're all sci-fi nuts here, I'd say Aliens win... x

  2. Love, love love the Spring Owls !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. Oh no, once again it is a mission impossible to choose only one range. I love them all!! The spring owls look soooooo cute! :)


  4. woohoo just found this. Thanks for the chance. xxx

  5. Spring owls look a hoot!! xx

  6. Fantastic new ribbons. It's difficult, I love owls, but the sentiments and the picture ribbon for the pirate set is so cute. Hoist the main sail and walk the plank Pirates it is for me Yo Ho Ho

  7. Beautiful ribbons.
    I co for the cars.
    Gr Elly

  8. Oh, they are all cute but I love the Owls! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Super cute! My favourites are the owls :)

  10. So hard to choose but i think the cars one, great to help along a 'man' card which are usually so difficult. xxx

  11. I love them all and I want them all..because they are all so lovely..Really a tough decision!!

    Divya B


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