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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sock advent idea

Good morning and how is everyone this morning.

I have been teasing again, I put a pile of socks on Facebook on Monday – stating it was my next craft project.

hello wednesday sock advent

Baby’s 1st Christmas Sock Advent Calendar.
I used our New and Exclusive Advent number ribbon here, baby’s 1st Christmas ribbon and small buttons.
You can buy the kit (without the socks) here at £2.50 it is a bargain.
The little socks I got from a high street store and a couple of free evenings sewing and it was completed.

We have also added two more NEW and EXCLUSIVE ranges to the website.

Classic Christmas header wm

A stunning Classic Christmas in Black and White.
This was the range that I had to re-design because it looked “dirty”.
I am so glad I persevered with it, I took some of the detail out and changed the print method.
The ribbons are really quite stunning – find them here.

Today I added this ribbon to our collection

santa ho ho ho header

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I did have fun designing it.
Find Santa’s moustache here
I still have several ranges to photograph, our Design Team girls are eager for me to get all the ranges launched, so they can share their new creations.
I am working as fast as I can!
free postage £15

Friday, 22 August 2014

Lots going on this week

We have had a very busy week launching several of our new Christmas ribbons.

Monday was the White Christmas range.
happy christmas ribbon, bonnes fete ruban, white christmas ribbon

On Wednesday it was my crazy idea of advent number ribbon.

advent cushions wm

Today it is the turn of our Russian Dolls.

header wm
A line of Russian Dolls .
25mm russian dolls wm

They are on a grunge effect background with matching narrow Russian Flowers.

9mm russian dolls wm
Find our Russian Dolls here.

The winner of last weeks Friday FREEBIE is WendyL
You wanted a 'Dotty' comment. LOL

Congratulation WendyL you have won this wonderful collection of Dotty Ribbons

multi dots

Please email with your address details.
Please claim your prize by next Thursday .
Thank you to everyone that left us a comment, it is always great to read them.
Have a great weekend everyone.  
free postage £15

Friday, 15 August 2014

Multi Dots Organza Dots

Look what we have added to the website

multi dots

NEW Multi Dot Organza Ribbons.
They can be found here with all the other Organza Swiss Dot ribbons.
White organza ribbon with 3 different coloured dots on each ribbon.


If you would like 3mts of each of these NEW Multi Dots then leave us a dotty comment!!
Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Love Chocolate

lov choc

Morning everyone.

I am like a cat on a hot tin roof today……………..I will explain after showing you this.

hello wednesday choc cake

Way back in May I made both my brother in laws each a birthday cake.
This cake was was made for Marten, Rachies husband.

He is a chocolate freak……………….adores chocolate.
(most annoying thing, he is a slim as a rake!)

choc cake

WOW! The fumes from this cake were awesome.
I inhaled with relish knowing I could not eat any of the cake – boo hoo.

You can find the Love Chocolate ribbon here and the Happy Birthday one is here.

Why am I on edge you ask………………………I even had Tony in the office at 7.30 this morning.
I should (fingers, toes crossed) be receiving……….
My FIRST Delivery of our EXCLUSIVE Christmas Ribbons today.
Eek I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

Every time I hear a lorry outside, I go running out………….
…….I do hope it comes soon, not sure my nerves can cope with an afternoon delivery.

If you follow us on Facebook – I will post when it arrives, just in case  you are as excited as me,
(ummm no that is not possible!)
free postage £15

Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday FREEBIE - Dotty about dots


Good morning all……….only few more hours and then it’s the weekend!
I am really looking forward to the weekend…………

one of my NEW ranges for Christmas has not turned out great in pre-production samples
;-( so feeling down……….
….do I re-design it?
or bin it?

decisions, decisions my brain hurts.

What makes me Happy? – Giving away my ribbons….

We know you all love our dots, dotty about dots……
….well we have 6 new designs being launched next week
all on our fantastic sheer ribbon like these ones here.


……………….but with a difference.

and you can also have some of our happy faces

Nature collection pansy header 2

and some more dots…..

So if you would like to be one of the first crafters to get your hands of these new ribbons, simply leave us a comment on our main blog click here

That’s made me feel so much better – giving away lots of ribbon.

Happy weekend.
free postage £15

Ladybird dots

Hello everyone, 

We are launching another NEW ribbon today.

hello wednesday ladybird

We have been asked for this ribbon for ages, to make ladybirds.
The manufacture does not carry it as a stock colour, so we had it printed just for you  hair clip makers.
Red grosgrain ribbon with black Swiss dots.
We now have oodles and oodles of the ribbon, you can find it here
Same price as all our other Swiss dot ribbons 3mts for £1 or any 6 colours for £5

I told Miss Mollie that I was making Ladybirds and I needed someone to photograph them with.
I gather she drove Rachie mad about coming up to see auntie Ali, “auntie Ali needs me mummy”.

IMG_9581mollie standing

Look she wore her ladybird outfit, just for me.

IMG_9583mollie face

I love this photo, you can tell we were having fun.

free postage £15