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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Today is the day

...................we are ready.

Five months without an exhibition and our stand is ready and waiting for the lorry.

Every ribbon and button has been removed from the stand, sorted and restocked.

A massive job, that finally came together yesterday afternoon!!

So where are we off too?

EXETER at the Westpoint showground.

Anybody coming to see us.............
.....we have lots of new goodies that have not made it to the website yet........

18, YES eighteen NEW Gingham colours.............oodles of new buttons.

The New exclusive Christmas Collection
NEW silk colours
and as for our kit spinner.........


You will just have to come and have a look for yourselves.

You still have a chance to win your dream Christmas ribbon collection here

See you all next week, unless you visit us in Exeter.



Friday, 20 September 2013

Meet Percy

Say hello to Percy

and the rest of his family

They like relaxing in the branches.

We think they are going to 

I had so much fun designing this collection, and we have so much more.....

.........matching buttons

toppers and colour your own packs

Eight different Digi stamps

Look what you can make


Thanks Tessa and Laura for your fab samples.

Nearly forgot you can make your own Percy as a kit.

Percy is popular -Janet popped in last week, saw him on the side, scooped him up and walked out.
 I went running after her............"Janet his nose is not sewn on!"
Percy went to school with Mollie this morning and was overwhelmed.
Guess who will be making more Percy's this weekend?!

Find all our Christmas Owl Collection here

christmas owl ribbon 

So which was your favourite collection this week?

Leave us a comment and we will pick one lucky follower to have their collection on us!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just ribbons

......yes just ribbons today.
No digis, toppers, kits or even buttons.

Just plain and simple ribbons (Well as plain as I can make them!)

Everybody has to do their washing - even Santa!

A blue snowy sky, a little wind perfect for drying his laundry.

He got the children's stockings a little wet while washing his socks, so they are out to dry as well.

I hope Santa gets sorted soon

....he keeps dropping presents.

But remember....


Do NOT open until the 25th December.

Santa and all of us are....

Wishing you a Happy Christmas.

You can find our Wash Day ribbons here

With all this Christmas excitement I keep forgetting to announce the winner of the 4 LOVE kits.
We picked the winner on Tuesday and it is.......

This looks so pretty... I would love to give it a try! Winning it would be very sweet!

Well done Carmen please email and she will send you your kits. 
BUT you must promise to show us the bag when it is finished.
Thank you to everyone that left us a comment, you really all must try ribbon embroidery...
.....Tony can do it!


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Deck the Halls

We are all in love with this range of ribbons.
Bev asked for a Robin to be included in this years range.............

oooh a Robin


We thought he was adorable, so we did this.......

A wool felt kit which includes the matching ribbon tag and hanging loop,
perfect for the Christmas tree.

Must not forget the pudding.......

..........with a matching kit.

Or forget holly.......

Make the Christmas decoration kits, or just use the ribbon. 
These are Christmas classics that will Deck the Halls for years to come.

Find these NEW super duper classic ribbons and kits here

Have fun - I am!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Imagine a perfect winterscene

....can you see it.............
bright blue sky, snowflakes gently floating down.
Happy reindeer clustered together, Santa saying HO HO HO,
even a fairy waving her magic wand......

Keep that picture in your mind. Does it look like this..................................

OK I have to admit I have a very active imagination - well you have to -  to design ribbon!
Well for my style of ribbon.  I did have a peek around the other Christmas ribbons out in the big blue yonder,
rather boring I thought, and looked as if they had been around for yonks.

If you want some BRAND SPANKING NEW RIBBONS then keep on reading.

Winterscene Stamps

oooooh I have to say these images are adorable, all set in a little postage stamp.

Now what came first the stamps or the winterscene?

It was the stamps. 
Only a chance remark by one of the girls in the warehouse "They would look so good in a line".
They are in a line, a line of stamps.
"No Ali, like a winterscene"

That was it, I was A.W.O.L for the rest of the day, and the Winterscene was born!

What do you think of these....


When I was a little girl, I used to help my Grandma stick picture message style stamps to the
envelopes of the cards we were delivering by hand - do you remember?

That memory made this ribbon, printed onto 16mm grosgrain small stamps with an image and a message.
Why not use them as a ribbon (great idea) or cut them into stamps.
(Seal the ribbon ends with a little watered down PVA glue)

The images are so super cute (well, we think so), we have turned them into Digi images to download or
Pre-coloured toppers.

Ali  (not me, but Ali the follower) I read your comment last night and thought it was a great idea.
Both todays images and yesterdays Cupcakes can be downloaded as a set of six. 
Magic, thank you.

OK I struggle with card making, not the first time I have told you this, sewing is my passion....

Not forgetting the boys

You can find the latest member of our ribbon family - Winter Stamps here

The design Team have also been playing, check out their blogs, links can be found on the Challenge Blog here.

Have a super duper day............................
.........ooooh I have something different tomorrow..........
.....tee hee...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Christmas Cupcake Ribbons

Did you know that it was National Cupcake week?

Just perfect for the launch of our FIRST Christmas ribbons......

Christmas cupcake ribbons

How yummy can you get?

Six stunning cupcakes lovingly made and placed on a background of white snowflakes.

We have matching word ribbon -
classic Happy Christmas and then a little cheeky one Have a yummy Christmas

Not only EXCLUSIVE ribbons this year  - we have teamed them up with
an EXCLUSIVE button selection that match perfectly with the
turquoise, lime, chocolate and red of the Cupcake ribbons.


you can truly enjoy these cupcakes even further by using the images. 
You can download each cupcake, resize and play, both PNG files and JPEG files are included in each download.

Not one for downloading digis?
We have done all the hard work for you and created pre packed toppers,
colour your own and pre coloured cupcakes. 
All that you are left to do is cut them out and play!

They all work beautifully together

How cool is that!

Fantastic way to transport your homemade Christmas Cupcakes.

You can find these beauties here

Our special Design team girls have had these ribbons for a few days now. 
They had strict instructions to keep "mum" as they were Top Secret!

But they have managed to have a play...............

see more on Melly Moo here

Desinged by Kate more here

Laura has been busy with the cookie cutters here

Hope you enjoy our Christmas Cupcakes - remember no calories around here!!!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

LOVE ~ Ribbon Embroidery

You may have noticed I have been a little bit quiet of late - been taking it easy.  Yeah, in my dreams maybe!!
It is full steam ahead here in the ribbon warehouse we have so much to show you.
Months of hard work will all be revealed...............
...........soon but sadly not today.
But I do have four little beauties to share with you.
I teased you with this image a while ago.
ribbon embroidery kits
4 NEW LOVE ~ Ribbon Embroidery kits
Ribbon Love Kit - Double Heart
Express a little LOVE with our double heart kit.
Ribbon Love Kit - Fall in Love
Fall in LOVE - this heart is bursting with stitches.
Ribbon Love Kit - My Love
My Love - add an initial to the centre, for true love!
Ribbon Love Kit - LOVE
Or just simply shout LOVE to everyone
You can find our NEW Love ~ Ribbon Embroidery kits here
 You get everything you need in the kit, full clear instructions, design template
that can be used time and time again.  Ribbon, needles, thread, beads and vintage buttons
ohh must not forget the ethnic French linen style fabric.
£5 each or buy all 4 for £20
Great idea for stocking fillers or Christmas prezzies as kits or even better, embroidered by you. 
Love ribbon embroidery? Never tried it before? Want to have a go?
Leave us a comment and we have a complete set of all four designs as a FREEBIE.
We will pick a winner on Tuesday. 
Sorry about the small images, with Crafty Ribbons pasted all over them, but....
....not everyone on the internet is as nice as you guys.
Have a great weekend.
Pssssssst.......I am going to whisper a little inside info now....(If you are thinking about buying your Christmas Ribbon this weekend DON'T,wait a few more days)
Now, you did not hear this from me - OK?