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Friday 20 September 2013

Meet Percy

Say hello to Percy

and the rest of his family

They like relaxing in the branches.

We think they are going to 

I had so much fun designing this collection, and we have so much more.....

.........matching buttons

toppers and colour your own packs

Eight different Digi stamps

Look what you can make


Thanks Tessa and Laura for your fab samples.

Nearly forgot you can make your own Percy as a kit.

Percy is popular -Janet popped in last week, saw him on the side, scooped him up and walked out.
 I went running after her............"Janet his nose is not sewn on!"
Percy went to school with Mollie this morning and was overwhelmed.
Guess who will be making more Percy's this weekend?!

Find all our Christmas Owl Collection here

christmas owl ribbon 

So which was your favourite collection this week?

Leave us a comment and we will pick one lucky follower to have their collection on us!


  1. "Percy" & family are adorable!

  2. OOOOOOO this is all soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

    xx Irene

  3. Such a cute little fella. I just love the ribbons and toppers.

  4. What a great collection. It is super cute!

    1. My fave is defiantly Percy cute cute cute!

  5. Oh Ali, all the collections are super - so different to the normal stuff out there at the moment... but the owls are so lovely and I don't think I have come across their like before. I have just done a hawk walk and carried a beautiful little barn owl called Louie. He only weighed a pound and a half, and preened himself and fell asleep on my arm all snuggled into me - something I was told showed he trusted me. I wanted to adopt him, lol!! So my favourite has to be the owls of course. And the Percy kit is so sweet.. renamed to Louie, ha ha!


  6. One have to pick one? Oh well...
    I do love cupcakes, yes I do! But...the winterscene is just beautiful, and the stamps too...
    Gotta be the robins, I adore robins. Oh, but then again, the washday ribbons? So lovely!
    Owls, who doesn't have a thing for owls? So, so cute...
    Sorry, no way I can choose, I want it all!


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