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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Imagine a perfect winterscene

....can you see it.............
bright blue sky, snowflakes gently floating down.
Happy reindeer clustered together, Santa saying HO HO HO,
even a fairy waving her magic wand......

Keep that picture in your mind. Does it look like this..................................

OK I have to admit I have a very active imagination - well you have to -  to design ribbon!
Well for my style of ribbon.  I did have a peek around the other Christmas ribbons out in the big blue yonder,
rather boring I thought, and looked as if they had been around for yonks.

If you want some BRAND SPANKING NEW RIBBONS then keep on reading.

Winterscene Stamps

oooooh I have to say these images are adorable, all set in a little postage stamp.

Now what came first the stamps or the winterscene?

It was the stamps. 
Only a chance remark by one of the girls in the warehouse "They would look so good in a line".
They are in a line, a line of stamps.
"No Ali, like a winterscene"

That was it, I was A.W.O.L for the rest of the day, and the Winterscene was born!

What do you think of these....


When I was a little girl, I used to help my Grandma stick picture message style stamps to the
envelopes of the cards we were delivering by hand - do you remember?

That memory made this ribbon, printed onto 16mm grosgrain small stamps with an image and a message.
Why not use them as a ribbon (great idea) or cut them into stamps.
(Seal the ribbon ends with a little watered down PVA glue)

The images are so super cute (well, we think so), we have turned them into Digi images to download or
Pre-coloured toppers.

Ali  (not me, but Ali the follower) I read your comment last night and thought it was a great idea.
Both todays images and yesterdays Cupcakes can be downloaded as a set of six. 
Magic, thank you.

OK I struggle with card making, not the first time I have told you this, sewing is my passion....

Not forgetting the boys

You can find the latest member of our ribbon family - Winter Stamps here

The design Team have also been playing, check out their blogs, links can be found on the Challenge Blog here.

Have a super duper day............................
.........ooooh I have something different tomorrow..........
.....tee hee...


  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, love the stockings!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, love the stockings!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  3. Adorable stockings and I just LOVE the postage stamp effect on the ribbons....gorge!! xx

  4. fact; perfect! Love the stockings...

  5. What absolutely beautiful ribbon, the stockings are gorgeous. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  6. I love the new ribbons Ali, especially the scene! Your stockings are so cute, particularly the little boy one.

    Carol x

  7. I am sure I had commented on this post and that I was the first person to do so.... its those gremlins again.. lol.
    I adore this ribbon & toppers... cant wait to buy them
    Marg ;)


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