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Monday 17 June 2013

Button flowers - paper and buttons

 Oooh for once I have all my projects made for this week...tee hee.
But which one shall I show first..................

Only fair that I start with the first button flowers I made.

Paper flowers with button centres.

Circles cut from several different papers.  One is an old music sheet.
I have inked the edges of some of the circles, just to make them slightly different.

I think you can all see how they are made, I had Sydney my niece making them in seconds!

Punch 7 circles from paper, 6 for the flower and 1 for the flower base.
Fold a small section of the circle over, repeat on the other side.
Repeat with all 6 petals.

Put a big pile of silicone glue onto the 7th circle and arrange the petals onto the glue.
Just fiddle with them until they fit.
Leave to dry.

I used our Cream buttons here, they went perfectly with the papers.
With embroidery thread I stitched across the holes just
 to make it look as if they had been sewn.

I then used a hot glue gun to stick the button to the flower,
you can still see some of my glue threads!

I glued a selection of these flowers onto a box lid, added a few extra buttons to fill the gaps.
So easy a child (Sydney) can make these!


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