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Monday 25 November 2013

5 weks to go

Morning - a bit frosty here in Blandford. 

Hoping it will get me into the Christmas spirit, as I have projects to make for the Crafty Advent.

But before I start, I have a task that needs my urgent attention.................... design room!
It looks like a bomb has gone off in it.
The carpet has become a form of stepping stones leading to my desk. 
Piles of magazines, new ribbons, you name it all on the floor. 

Oh and I must not forget that Tony knocked over a box of buttons a couple of weeks ago and they are still all over the floor.

It must be bad, because I asked Sam to get me something from my room on Friday.
Hhe came dashing down the stairs saying "it was not me!"

Wish me luck with my mammoth task.

1 comment:

  1. Your "creative space" sounds a lot like Hubby refuses to even go in there to look for anything! I have a little sign hanging on my wall "I'm not messy...I'm organizationally challenged!"
    Hugs, Renee


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