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Friday 23 August 2013

Summer Fete last day

Morning everyone, a delayed start this morning while we got all the raffle tickets, printed, sorted and folded.

All done so we can move on with todays fun.

Laura has come up with a super twist on a classic Fete game.
So Roll up, Roll up and guess the number of buttons in Laura's button jar.

We have a super prize, leave a comment and we will send a bonaza button bag to the closest guess.
Pop back Monday to see the winner.

The little guys had a very productive day yesterday, they had the idea to make something
for you all to take home to remember your time at our Summer Fete,
we tried to explain that this was a virtual Fete........


Syd is doing the fiddly bits, while Sam............ collecting the important bits!
(Although he does look like he is doing something naughty!)

Any ideas what they have been making?
Nope - well you can collect them (pretend) on your way home later.

On to our Prize Raffle.

3 prizes so 3 pickers - as you can see still having fun!
(Sam let the balloon go just as I took the photo)

Bev is picking the 1st prize, Syd the second prize and Sam the third prize
(determined by age to stop the fighting!!!!!)

Drum roll please...................the winners are.

a little closer please guys................


Congratulations girls - please email to claim your prize

Monk you have won FIRST Prize = £30 voucher for our website 
Count me in. I am always up for a raffle. At least for this one I do not need to raid my husbands pocket. Have a wonderful time at Legoland. I am sure you must be going with children, they will tire you out for sure!

Cludia  you have won SECOND prize - £10 voucher for our website
Fantastic. Hope you enjoy your trip to Legoland.

Kbrandy4 you have won THIRD Prize = Bev's bag of ribbons
How exciting! A summer fete without having to get soaked if it rains!
Thank you for the chance to win in the raffle! x

Thank you for everyone that claimed your tickets, it was a fun idea.

Have you had had any thoughts of what the children have made for you to take home?
They did think of balloons tied with ribbon............


........but we decided on windmills with button centres.


I would get in quick and grab your pretend one on the way home..........

....there are two little people that have taken rather a shine to all the windmills!

Thank you for coming to our Fete, and extra thanks to those of you that left us a comment each day.
The children have asked everyday if anyone said anything about their creations.
So it was a great pleasure to read what you had all put.
It was very important for them.

We really have had fun with the Fete, I think you could see that.
We are all a little bit tired and will sleep well tonight!!!

Have an awesome weekend, oh dear it maybe another beach weekend!


  1. Wow!! Thanks for picking my name as a lucky winner and congrats to the other winners!
    Love the gorgeous windmills, couldn't even guess what they were going to make but they are fantastic! My guess for the buttons is 99, good luck everyone!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  2. I've had a lovely time and i reckon there are 162 buttons in that jar! xx

  3. Lovely windmills. Well done to the winners.
    I think there are around 90 buttons in the jar.

  4. Congrats to the winners! I guess 126 buttons in the jar.
    The pinwheels are so darling! I love the natural stick on them.

  5. I loved this serie!
    60 buttons maybe?

  6. Great job on the windmills!
    Congrats to the winners...
    My guess is 102 buttons.

  7. The windmills look great. My guess is 101 buttons.


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