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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Hello wednesday - what is it?

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

I do love bank Holiday weekends, but I get very confused with the days for the rest of the week.  Yesterday I thought was Monday, so I had rather a shock when Syd asked me what Hello wednesday was today.  Durrrrr Ali!

Hello Wednesday is a bit of a guessing game, what is it?

Nope no idea.............................give up?

It is a rain hat!

Not for me, but one of our exhibition units.  We got caught in a blizzard in March trying to load the lorry.  I stood on the tail lift willing Tony to push faster so my ribbons would not get wet!  Dreading what I would see when Tony and the ribbon unit arrived to the safety of the lorry.  I then vowed that I would make rain hats for the coming season.

One made 2 more to go!  I had planned to use Velcro to seal the edges, but when I costed the job I nearly had a heart attacked. £45 I thought was a silly amount, so I put my thinking cap on again.  Ribbon Ties to the rescue!!!  One 10mtr roll of bargain turquoise ribbon for £1 and I will have ribbon left.  Now I have £44 to spend on something else Tony!  
Ooooh I am itching to show you what is underneath the rain is TOP SECRET.......for the moment............tee hee.

Time to announce the winner of Laura's game, how many buttons in the jar.  Are you ready, I think you will be surprised but there were.................................

.......................138 buttons.

The winner is Beth F
Congrats to the winners! I guess 126 buttons in the jar.
The pinwheels are so darling! I love the natural stick on them.

Wow that was close Beth, please email with your address details and she will get your button prize in the post to you.  Thank you to everyone who took part. A quiet week planned here, although we do have the Dorset steam Fair starting today, the girls are all planning on going on Friday.  All the fun of the fair!

Have a great week, I am off to make another rain hat.



  1. Oh my! So exciting! I love buttons and now I will have more to craft with :) I will email soon!

  2. I just sent a second email since I didn't get a reply from the first one. I hope you get that one! If not, my email is bfiscus[at]nntc[dot]net ...Thanks so much :)


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