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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Summer Fete Cake Stall

Morning all our Fete visitors, do we have a tasty treat for you today...........
.............ummmm maybe not the dark purple ones!

Every Summer Fete has a Cake Stall and ours is no exception.
But this time of year you have to careful of all those horrid wasps and flies.

Never fear, we have one of these...........


Wow awesome Mandy, just what Mollie needs on her stall.

Mollie has set her stall up nice and early, hung the bunting,
layered the table cloth and arranged her cakes.

All she needs now are customers.

Sam and Mollie made today's cakes.  Yes I do mean MADE them.
They all have ribbon flags, some have sprinkles.
Two have blackberries picked from the office garden.

The butterfly cakes have ribbon butterflies as their flags.

Sam being Sam, wanted to make Halloween cakes.............
............ummmm for a Summer Fete!

.......I did warn you about the dark purple ones!

Oooh look Mollie has made a sale.


Well done Mollie.

We hope you will buy one of Sam and Mollie's cakes, they do look yummmy.

Have fun


  1. Fab cakes Mollie, and Sam, that icing has made my tongue go yukky black!!

  2. Lovely cakes and lovely project from Mandy to keep the flies away.

  3. Awww looks like great fun :D Happened to find your website then to the facebook page and now the blog (via the raffle thingy)

    Love it so much!!! :D

  4. It's great to see the kids having soooooooo much fun !!

    hugs Diane xx


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