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Friday 17 January 2014

Friday Freebie - Gingham

Welcome everyone to the start of our Friday FREEBIES -
Rather then leaving a comment we are asking you to leave your name to the linkz.  We would still LOVE you to leave us a happy comment!
Todays Friday FREEBIE is a bundle of these
gingham ribbons
You can find the 10mm on our website here 21 stunning new colours.
I think we now have the largest selection of Gingham ribbon colours on the web - 36 awesome.
I had a bit of a drama getting them on the website yesterday - I blew the website up! 
First the website crashed and then the operating system went offline.
Tony phoned the server company to see if they had an issue - nope everything fine.
He then tried our IT guys, as I heard him on the phone,
I handed him a note.....I have Laryngitis and can only croak you see
"I think it was something I did"
Yep it was me. I had created a loop in the system and the website had run out of memory tying to load.
Thankfully we were only offline for about 30mins but it seemed much longer.
So please enjoy the new Gingham ribbon colours, a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mine) went in getting them to you!!!

I am working on the 5mm and 15mm today
Wish me luck!!


  1. Wow - that's computer trouble! Glad you got it fixed! Thank you for the Friday freebie giveaway - so exciting! I just added your Friday Freebie logo to my sidebar for you. Thank you for the chance to win! Wishing you a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks for the freebies .Lovely ribbons and good luck.
    Gr Elly

  3. Love gingham and love Friday Freebies. Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous new ribbon.

  4. What a fab Friday Freebie!! thanks for the chance xx

  5. What beautiful ribbons - thanks so much for the chance to win them! Am at work at the mo (trying hard not to break my computer now, as I'd have a difficult job explaining this one to our IT guys!) but will add your photo to my sidebar and link back when I'm home.
    Helen x

  6. Oh so delicious! I do adore gingham! x

  7. Came back to comment as it refused to let me this morning Ali. Would love to have seen Tony's face when he got your note lol. Glad you got sorted again though. Gorgeous gingham, one ribbon you cannot do with out!

  8. Gosh, explosive drama. What a hoot, or maybe a croak!! Love that ribbon. Hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe it's a computer virus......... OK, too many puns. I think the wind has blown my brain away. It's been blowing for two days and they say it may blow two more!! Can't stand up out there. Going to make hot chocolate and get crafty......

  9. Oh boy! what a day you had, well I hope your website is all ok, but more importantly I hope that your throat is better, I had that last week and it's no fun at all, especially when some wise guy son-in-law says " don't worry, just text me!" tut tut. Take care and honey and lemon ~hugs

    Jan x

  10. Lovely new gingham :) I never get bored with gingham! Sounds like fun getting it on the website, glad you got out of the loop! Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Hi Ali,
    crossed my fingers and hope it will help - against trouble with the system ;-)
    Hope you feel better soon,
    P.S. if there are many mistakes in my English, I´m sorry ;-)

  12. Gorgeous ribbons. Thanks for the chance to win.


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