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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Hello wednesday - who needs wellies

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

WOW! Did you have the rain yesterday? I got drenched walking to my car yesterday evening, and I do not mean a little bit wet. 
It looked like I had been swimming!!!

So maybe it is quite apt that I share with you one of the new display items I made for our exhibition stand.

They sit just above our "Cut Your Own" ribbon unit (yes we have scissors and a ruler and you can cut your own ribbons). 
They have inspired lots of wellie lovers at Exeter and London.

If you remember Mollie and I decorated our wellies for our Summer Fete here.  Well! 
Will she wear any other wellies? Nope. 
She started big school in September, and they have to keep their wellies on the wall outside her class rooms. 
Can you see Mollies?

Tee hee what fun!

I just wanted to say sorry I am not posting on the blog very often.  As you can imagine this time of year we are busier than normal, which is fantastic! I have also taken on a couple of extra roles within Crafty Ribbons which has taken away my "blog time".  We are a small team and do all try to pull together.  So if I am needed with re-stocking the exhibition stand, or packing orders I am always the first to be asked. 

We have done really well with our new Ribbon Embroidery Love kits here  3 designs are now limited!.  They use genuine French fabric which I found on holiday in the summer.  A small little fabric shop in a seaside market town.  We have tried calling them to ask if they would send us some fabric, we would pay by card over the phone.   
Ummmmmmmmmmm, "pardon pas possible". 
Oh well looks like I will have to go to France for the weekend!!!

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  1. Almost tooooo cute to wear in the rain and yeah it does look lika a trip to France "est tres possible", bon voyage *lol*!!

    xx Irene


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