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Monday 8 July 2013

Ribbon and Button Jewellery week - Rings

Thanks for joining us today and hopefully the rest of the week. 
We have some super fun creations for you, not only made by me but also my little crafting family. 
Our design team have also given me links to their creative jewellery using ribbons and buttons.

So hold on tight, we have a roller coaster of ideas.  Five days of jewellery magic with ribbons and buttons.

Lets start today with rings.

Amazing when you think these rings are made from humble Ric rac!

Just take two lengths of ric rac about 50cm long.

Weave them together so they interlock.
I have used two different colours so you can see how they interlock.

It does twist a little, so pull it to straighten it.

Once all 50cm is interlocked, start at one end and roll around.

Secure with a spot of hot glue to hold it together as you roll it around.
Keep going until you are happy with the shape.
Secure loose ends on the back of the rose.
Stick the ric rac rose to a ring base.

They look stunning to wear!

You can find some stunning ric rac colours here

We have more ideas.......

Laura made this delightful Dragonfly ring, details are here

Cebelica made this charming black and silver ring, read more here.

Enjoy the wonderful hot weather, my office is at the top of the warehouse, under the metal roof.
It is always the warmest room, never a complaint from me.............. I have had to open the window, after clearing the cobwebs!!


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